One Bright Boat

I’ve been working on this record for a while now and now its done!
Its called “One Bright Boat” and it includes 9 tracks that you can sample here:

  1. One Bright Boat
  2. Lousiana
  3. At Last
  4. Garden of Eden
  5. California
  6. Hard Times in Hollywood
  7. Winter Song
  8. A Hard Disposition
  9. Tell it Like it Is

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Moses Atwood

Release Date: 2006
Drawing deeply upon the roots of american music, Moses Atwood weaves tales of love, death, and murder with stunning lyricism and melodic fingerstyle guitar playing.

  1. Woman, Angel, Demon, Child
  2. Seventh Sin
  3. Charcoal, Leaves, and Fire
  4. Dolores
  5. Happiness
  6. Octavio
  7. The Ballad of Mary
  8. Killing
  9. Love, Whiskey, and Wine
  10. Brooklyn’s Bolinas
  11. Like Water
  12. Marrow

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One Bright Boat

triumphant, she rode the sea
see how her shadow, grows wings upon the waves
humble is as humble does
ain’t got no pride if you ain’t got no cause
I’m tired of being the sad man, tired of all the sad songs
tired of living my life, like I’ve done something wrong
well its easy to see and hard to do
when that little black cloud keeps following you
if you see a little light let a little light shine through
what more can we hope to do? what more can we hope to do?


slow down, what’s your hurry?
why do you always have to be so worried?
no one wants to make a fool out of you
tell me why you make your self so crazy
whats so bad about being lazy
sit here with me, lets not do nothing
but watch the sun beat down from that Louisiana sky
make one move you wanna lay down and die
rocking chair awaits so don’t be late
you’ve got a date with whiskey, she’s always straight
and we talk about nothing all day long
we eat good food and we sing good songs
and the waves in the air make your mind go numb
your in love with the taste of the smoke in your lungs
and the mocking bird gospel lullaby
a life so good it could make you want to cry
oh take me home Louisiana

At Last

just when your having fun
time flies
like a beast across the sun
she blots out all the light
and on comes the night
like a specter
she sighs
that’s a memory
that’s the ghost of the past
crying at last, at last, at last, at last

Garden of Eden

what I wouldn’t give, to be back in the game again
back on top, in my home town
with the smell of the cut grass
girls smiling as I walk past
I hear the brass band playing just for me
I felt like a hero, I felt like a god
as I was calling all the plays
on the sweetest green
the lines freshest white
in the summer rain the lights, halo in the night
I remember my father, on a field in the fall
tossing that ball, ’til mamma called
it was just him and me
happier than I could ever be
it’s hard to describe that feeling
that was my garden of eden, garden of eden,
garden of eden was the game to me


California, dreaming of ya
every time is looks the sky might rain
hope I see ya, when I see ya
and all the old friends roll back around again
so your ship, sails back to the harbor
that’s the shore
well I guess we should know all about it
the way that people turn and turn away
yes we should know all about it
whatever people say
good god, love is hard enough defined
without the ramblings of a troubled mind
but do we work hard to keep the friends we work to find
when memories are all that’s left behind?
ah it makes you sorry
the time seems to slip away
chalk it up to why you’re dreaming
chalk it up to why you’re dreaming
chalk it up to why you’re grieving

Hard Times in Hollywood

hard times in hollywood
ha ha hollywood
hard times in hollywood
ain’t no work for me anymore
goddamn hollywood
ha ha hollywood
goddamn it, hollyoood
ain’t no work for me anymore

big titties, little dogs
brains are small but the dreams are large


hey hey Mr. Destiny, put me in your hands
I don’t know what the lord intended
but I’ve got bigger plans
I’m going to…


Winter Song

my boy, my boy, tell me what have you done
your eyes have nothing inside them
and your hands are covered in blood
my father, you know to well of what I’m going to say
I found her, with another
now my heart and my eyes my soul and my smile
they all have gone away
how lucky are you lovers, like mirrors set face to face
your pasts are seeking futures
lost in the others embrace
oh build me a castle, yes, build me a fortress of stone
from my shadow do shield me
and when you and your skin have vanished then
I’ll sit in this darkness alone

Oh blessed is your sorrow
and blessed are your tears
these birds have flown from my branches
never to reappear

My boy, my boy, truly your fathers son
my blood that flows within you, echos with what you have done
your heart has turned to winter,
your skin has turned to ice
your tears now made of crystal
jagged and sharp are going to cut through the dark
until the blood pours from your eyes

Oh blessed is your sorrow
and blessed are your tears
these birds flown from your branches
come spring will reappear

A Hard Disposition

well this living on the run
will cause a hard disposition
it’s hard getting out
it’s hard getting in
once the heart grows that thicker skin
still I love that woman
the best that I can
may seem shallow but its deeper than I’ve been
in a long while
because how much weight can I carry down
I mean, how much weight can we carry down
I think you can see why it happened to be
I who wanted so much to believe
in the dream

I think I feel it coming up (repeat)

Tell It Like It Is

once I had a role in a play. and I knew it so well you know
and every night they would dim the lights
for the scene where my mamma died
and every night I cried
at first what felt like a dream
soon seemed a lie
if that’s me, who am I?
can you feel your history
feeding you lines?
look out life can be a puppet show
every day, the same role
well I wish, someone, could tell it like it is
for the record this time
lay it all on the line


April 27
All Go West
Asheville, NC

May 4
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC

Sat May 25
White Squirrel Festival
Brevard, NC


Moses Atwood by Dog & Pony


Lesson 11: How to Draw a Man Playing the Dobro Twice (featuring Moses Atwood)


Moses Atwood & Johnson’s Crossroad “Don Juan Romeo”


Moses Atwood & Johnson’s Crossroad – ‘Lousiana’

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Moses Atwood by Dog & Pony



Moses Atwood sets sail with sophomore effort, One Bright Boat

It’s been four years since singer/songwriter Moses Atwood (also known for his work with Johnson’s Crossroad and The Overflow Jug Band) released his self-titled debut. That was in 2008; suddenly last fall Atwood decided it was time to put together his new collection of songs, One Bright Boat. So he rounded up a group of musicians and headed to Waking Studio, the new digs of Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog) in Philadelphia. There, Atwood and company knocked out the nine tracks in a mere week. The songs, he says, were culled from the years since his first album. While some date back to when he lived in Maine, most were written in North Carolina over the last few years.

Atwood choose Waking Studio because he wanted to take his musicians (including Michael Libramento of Floating Action) out of their routines. And it was time: “I’d found so many ways of circumventing the actual making of the record that I was like, ‘book the dates, get the people and do it.’” A week is a push, but, Atwood says, “Limitations are a really valuable thing in any artistic process — how many limitations and how you impose them is the trick.”

One Bright Boat doesn’t sound pressured or hurried. It opens with rollicking piano, the easy jingle of tambourine and tasteful flourishes of guitar. Atwood’s voice is what colors in the picture, relaxed and rich, rising effortlessly in a warm baritone.

“I’m tired of being the sad man, tired of all the sad songs. I’m tired of living my life like I’ve done something wrong,” he imparts on the spirit-lifting, cloud-parting title track.

If Atwood’s first record paid homage to his troubadour heroes (Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips), One Bright Boat is less road-weary and more refined as Atwood leaves the minstrel role for that of bandleader in the style of Van Morrison and Randy Newman.

Running like a current through the record is Atwood’s talent for telling a story in fleeting images and washes of sound. These aren’t ballads but modern song-sketches of places longed for and passed through, people met and parted with, time passing. There’s space on each track — an easy flow of tides and waltzes (“California”), of pedal steel accents and Atwood’s comfortable flannel-and-bourbon vocal polished with (on “At Last”) gospel and brass.

“In recording, I feel like you’re recreating or capturing a moment in time,” says Atwood. “With modern recording you’re at constant great risk of losing the value of the moment, losing the essence of what you’ve got going on. But if you go all for capturing the moment, you don’t have a record, you just have a live performance. There’s a balance that the best records achieve.”

For a young artist, Atwood comes admirably close to that balance. It’s an album that rings both fresh and familiar, of-a-time and timeless. With One Bright Boat, Atwood’s ship comes in.

Album release date: Saturday, March 30.



Raised in Damariscotta, Maine and currently based in Asheville, North Carolina, Moses Atwood came to music circuitously. Singing was first (with his dad, in the car), but he was 19 before he picked up a harmonica after a Blues Traveler concert, and then a guitar. “That was it,” says Atwood. “Music has pretty much been at the center of my life ever since.”

Which is not to say that he immediately started a band and launched a tour. Instead, Atwood learned to build guitars and studied for stints at Berklee College of Music and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music before releasing his inaugural album in his hometown. The debut was met with success — enough success, in fact, to send Atwood (whose stage moniker is an assumed name; he was born Matthew Chase) fleeing fame for anonymity. A plan to tour the American byways in a converted van was abandoned when Atwood reached Asheville. He’d quickly tired of living on the road and was soon embraced by the dynamic music scene.

With One Bright Boat, Atwood assumes his rightful place as a front man, releasing a fully-realized and mature collection of songs that take their cues as much from the American landscape as from personal reflection.


“A soulful, gritty, passionate, pleading, tormented and gutsy
welcoming into the world of Atwood; musician, storyteller,
and a guy who sounds like he’s been travelling the country
by boxcar for the past 100 years fromt the swamp land to the
promised land and back.”
-The Portland Press Herald

“Moses Atwood never simply owns a room
— he recreates it in his own image.”
-Northeast performer magazine

“Atwood is a throwback and a visionary.”
-DownEast Magazine

“Songs that bridge the gap between
Mississippi John Hurt, and Townes Van Zandt.”
-The Boston Globe

“His self-titled debut is a stunning collection of dirty
Delta-blues-flavored ruminations on life, death and all
the devils, angels and whiskey bottles one meets
in the interim.”
-The Seven Days (Burlington, VT)

“Moses Sings with a century-old soul and writes songs
like the bastard child of tom waits.”
-the Switch

“It’s rough and tumble when you’re faced with
a Mainer with attitude.”
-Acoustic Live,NYC

“Portland’s latest pure, unadulterated talent.”
-Sam Pfeifle, The Portland Phoenix

“The most striking aspect of Atwood’s performance is the sheer amount of
heart hepours into each song. While many talented vocalists get the job
done and do it well,Atwood brings more of himself to the table, an
investment which seems to bridge the gap between him and the audience.”
- Matt Desenberg, The Wire


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